Storm Event

'The sudden rise of the tide was said to exceed anything that has been experienced in the neighbourhood for 30 years'

Severity ? 3


This event occurred just before the upcoming eclipse. Wind blowing with force from the south-west coincided with high tide causing the tides to rise to an unusual height (Boza, 2018).


No known sources of information.

Receptor and Consequence

All the cellars in Broad street (Portsea) were filled with water. Many houses had between 10 inches to 2 feet, and 3 to 4 feet of water in Portsmouth and Cowes, respectively, which resulted in considerable damage to shopkeepers. In Portsmouth, many inhabitants sustained serious injuries and loss. In Selsey Bill, marshes were overflowed and many cattle lost. In Gosport, 40 pigs drowned during the night (Boza, 2018).

Summary Table

Loss of life Many people reported to be injured but no death were reported.
Residential property Cellars were filled with water. Many houses in Portsmouth and Cowes flooded.
Evacuation & Rescue *
Cost *
Ports *
Transport *
Energy *
Public services *
Water & wastewater *
Livestock Many cattle were lost in Selsey Bill. 40 pigs drowned in Gosport.
Agricultural land *
Coastal erosion *
Natural environment Marshes were overflowed in Selsey Bill.
Cultural heritage *
Coastal defences *

*No known sources of information available


  1. Boza, X. (2018). The Reconstruction and Analysis of Historical Coastal Flood Events from 1800’s in the Solent, UK. Southampton MSc Dissertation.