Storm Event

Severity ? 2


Coastal flooding was reported on 11-13 March 1906, triggered by a severe North-Westerly to Northerly gale crossing the North Sea early on the 12thand coinciding with high spring tide that was described as the highest in 30 years (MetOffice Weather Report, 1906; Eden, 2008). Wind strengths were reported to reach 75 knots causing rising water level and flooding on the low-lying coasts of the southern North Sea (Lamb, 1991).


No known sources of information.

Receptor and Consequence:

This event had affected south shore of Moray Firth and east coast of England (Eden, 2008) as well as several houses in Cley (Lamb, 1991). Considerable damage similar to flood event on January 1905 was observed.

Summary table:

Loss of life *
Residential property Several houses in Cley were flooded (Lamb, 1991).
Evacuation & Rescue *
Cost *
Ports *
Transport *
Energy *
Public services *
Water & wastewater *
Livestock *
Agricultural land *
Coastal erosion *
Natural environment *
Cultural heritage *
Coastal defences *

*No known sources of information available


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