Storm Event

Severity ? 1


Severe southwesterly or westerly gales swept UK and storm surge coincided with spring tides caused flooding along Bristol Channel and Irish Sea coastal areas (Eden, 2008).


No known sources of information.

Receptor and Consequence

This event was associated with flooding along the Bristol Channel, and on Irish Sea coastal areas including Cardigan Bay, Lancashire and Cumbria (Eden, 2008).

Summary Table

Loss of life *
Residential property *
Evacuation & Rescue *
Cost *
Ports *
Transport *
Energy *
Public services *
Water & wastewater *
Livestock *
Agricultural land *
Coastal erosion *
Natural environment *
Cultural heritage *
Coastal defences *

*No known sources of information available


  1. Eden, P. (2008). Great British Weather Disasters. London: Continuum.