Storm Event

Severity ? 2


No known sources of information.


No known sources of information.

Receptor and Consequence

Considerable damages were incurred in parts of the south and east coasts during this event, including Hampshire, East Sussex and Kent (The Times, 1949Lamb, 1991Zong and Tooley, 2003). In Southampton, some areas were flooded to a depth of several ft. and required pumping, with a reported 10 properties flooded in Dale Valley Road (Ruocco et al., 2011).

Summary Table

Loss of life *
Residential property 10 properties flooded on Dale Valley Road
Evacuation & Rescue *
Cost *
Ports *
Transport *
Energy *
Public services *
Water & wastewater Areas of Southampton required pumping to remove the flood water
Livestock *
Agricultural land *
Coastal erosion *
Natural environment *
Cultural heritage *
Coastal defences *

*No known sources of information available


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