Storm Event


A low-pressure system developed at the north of Quebec, Canada, on the 29th of October and moved eastwards towards the UK (Boza, 2018). On the 30th of October, it combined with another low-pressure system to the south-east of Greenland. On the 31st of October, the great depression (about 980 mbar) was in between Iceland and Ireland, and produced strong south-westerly winds over the south coast of the UK. It was also reported that low water was 3 feet higher than predicted and the young flood stood at a level of 9 feet instead of 6 feet and the previous high water was 1 feet and 6 inches above prediction.


No known sources of information.

Receptor and Consequence

This event was associated with flooding at Southampton due to the combination of the abnormal high tide (Boza, 2018).

Summary Table

Loss of life *
Residential property *
Evacuation & Rescue *
Cost *
Ports *
Transport *
Energy *
Public services *
Water & wastewater *
Livestock *
Agricultural land *
Coastal erosion *
Natural environment *
Cultural heritage *
Coastal defences *

*No known sources of information available


  1. Boza, X. (2018). The Reconstruction and Analysis of Historical Coastal Flood Events from 1800’s in the Solent, UK. Southampton MSc Dissertation.