Storm Event

'raging seas took chunks of coast'

Severity ? 3


Very high tides, large waves and gales caused flooding. ‘Tremendous seas’ and ‘terrific gales’ were reported (Akehurst, 2011).


Seawall damaged at Culver Bay, Isle of Wight (Akehurst, 2011).

Receptor and Consequence

According to Hickey (1997), this event was associated with a storm surge along the English North Sea coastline. This event also saw Christchurch suffered deep water in town for the first time since 1917 (Akehurst, 2011). Gardens flooded at Duver Road as well as Kings Saltern Road. In Lymington, Bridge Road, Bath Road, and Waterloo Road were badly affected. Back Road in Keyhaven was impassable. At Keyhaven hundreds of acres of marshlands were submerged due to sea. Car parks were submerged and beach huts destroyed. Fifty people lost homes at Wick holiday park and Red Lion Hotel had 4 foot of water in the basement. Houses flooded to depth of 2-3 foot. In New Milton waves pounded the shingle bank running to Hurst Castle. Waters rushed through the bank, ‘raging seas took chunks of coast’. Many chickens died and one calf. Largely huts at Milford affected. Telephone lines were out of order due to floodwater.

Summary Table

Loss of life *
Residential property Houses flooded to depth of 2-3 foot.
Evacuation & Rescue *
Cost *
Ports *
Transport King Saltern Road, Bridge Road, Bath Road, Waterloo Road and Back road flooded.
Energy *
Public services Telephone lines out of order due to floodwater.
Water & wastewater *
Livestock Many chickens and one calf died.
Agricultural land *
Coastal erosion Cliffs eroded.
Natural environment Hundreds of acres of marshlands at Keyhaven were submerged due to the sea. Gardens flooded at Duver Road.
Cultural heritage *
Coastal defences Seawall damaged at Culver Bay, Isle of Wight.

*No known sources of information available


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