Storm Event

Severity ? 2

Receptor and Consequence

On 2nd November 1967, nearshore areas in Bognor were inundated to depths of up to 2 ft. [0.6 m] along with one of the highest sea levels of the year (Ruocco et al. 2011). Some non-residential properties in York Road were flooded. Other impacted areas included Newport, Cowes and Ryde. In Hayling Island, some areas flooded to a depth of 2 ft. [0.6 m] owing to high sea levels and heavy rain, and the floods here were reportedly the worst in 9 years. Many local roads and properties were inundated. During 4th November 1967, there was flooding for the third successive day in Wallington (Fareham, Hampshire), caused by a combination of heavy rain and high sea levels.


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