Storm Event

Severity ? 2

Receptor and Consequence

On 1st February 1990, there was flooding in Towyn, Wales (Zong and Tooley (2003)). Over 3 weeks later, the town would be hit again by a major flood event – the fact that Zong and Tooley (2003) omit the 26th February 1990 major flood in their database indicates this entry is either a date error; or that the town was hit by flooding during this date from the same storm that caused flooding in England and Scotland over this time. 2nd February 1990 was associated with localised impacts concentrated in Stornoway, Scotland (Hickey, 1997). Local roads were inundated, along with the Town Hall, and the Central Bus Station was left cut-off. In Braighe, the inundation had reached the end of the airport runway as the shingle embankment was “virtually” washed away. On 3rd February 1990, there was reportedly “disastrous” flooding in England, although no further detail is given (Lamb, 1991).


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