Storm Event

Around 200 properties flooded during overtopping of the beach by long period swell waves on Hayling Island

Severity ? 3


The storm developed over the US east coast on 28th October 2005 and moved northeastwards towards the UK. It later approached and crossed Ireland on 3rd November, producing strong southwesterly winds over the Irish Sea and English Channel. The atmospheric pressure dropped to about 970 mbar. On 3rd November the storm crossed Scotland and subsequently dissipated over the North Sea.

This event was not associated with any sea level observations which exceeded the 1 in 5 year return period threshold from sites within the National Tide Gauge Network.

Wave heights are reported to have exceeded 2 m in places (Wadey, 2013), although we are unaware of any other sources describing the wave conditions during this event.


Overtopping and overflow were the primary mechanisms for flooding during this event. Flooding was exacerbated by blockage to a culvert on the rural eastern part of the Eastoke Peninsula which meant that seawater could not efficiently drain away from a pipe underneath the road behind the beach (Thomas, 2009).

Receptor and Consequence

This event was associated with flooding in Southampton, where residential roads were inundated along with some non-residential property in low-lying quayside areas. Affected areas included Millbrook Road, Commercial Road and Portsmouth Road near the Itchen Bridge. In Hayling Island, many local roads were inundated and temporarily closed to traffic. The flooding here reportedly affected 200 residential properties. In the Isle of Portland, the road adjoining to the mainland was partially inundated during this event (West, 2014).


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