Storm Event

Severity ? 1

Receptor and Consequence

An unusually high tide saw the River Thames burst its banks in several areas across London during this event. On 20th February 2015, cars were submerged in the Richmond area (De Peyer, 2015). On 21st February 2015, parkland (which is usually dry) in Richmond was submerged, whilst at Greenwich the Thames covered walkways that are normally metres above the river, and in central London “waves licked Bankside outside the Tate Modern” (Mann, 2015). ITV (2015) reported that parts of Wales saw roads closed and warnings issued with ‘super-tides’ – the “biggest for quarter of a century”. One of the places depicted with water levels on the roads was Tintern in Monmouthshire – an area familiar with flooding, but some residents and locals were still surprised by the height of the tide.


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