Is your property at risk of flooding?

Currently, around 1 in 6 properties in England have a higher than normal risk of flooding. If you are interested in finding out if your property is among these, visit the website Check My Flood Risk here.

The risk map is based on the presence and effect of all flood defences (from the sea and rivers), predicted flood water levels, and ground water levels. This information is made available by the Environment Agency’s assessment of the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea across England.

While these maps are based on the most up-to-date and reliable information currently available, it is worth noting that they are intended to provide only an indication of flood risk. For example, flood defences do not completely remove the chance of flooding, and can be overtopped or even fail in extreme weather conditions.

If you are living Wales, visit the Environment Agency’s website to view a flood map for your area here. For residents in Scotland, visit the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s website here, and for those living in Northern Ireland, visit this the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development here.