The 1978 east coast event: storm damages along the Thanet coast, Kent

Aerial photograph of Herne Bay Pier, 1937, which was also virtually destroyed during the 1978 storm. By anon (print from original film) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

The 10th – 11th January 1978 east coast event proved a real test for defences along the east coast following the significant improvements made since 1953. While damages were relatively limited, much of the east coast suffered considerable impacts during the storm.

Margate, Kent, along with the rest of the Thanet coastline, was one of several east coast towns to have suffered badly. A collection of photographs made available on a website covering the local history show some of the damages experienced here. In particular, the entire Margate jetty, which had been standing since 1857, was damaged beyond repair.

The photographs, compiled by Anthony Lee, can be viewed here.