The 3rd January 2014 event: video evidence of flooding

Early January 2014 saw a series of storms impact the UK, with severe flooding experienced around the country. The event on the 3rd January is noted for producing a sea level return period of 244 years at Portpatrick, Scotland.

With sea levels exceeding a 1 in 5 year return period at 20 sites, many regions were affected by flooding. Several videos available on YouTube show evidence of flood water impacting areas from Weymouth, Dorset to the Isle of Man, and we are also aware of flood impacts in north-west Scotland.

In south-west England, Cornwall had suffered particularly badly during this event (and throughout the entire 2013/2014 season). A video below appears to show flooding at Looe, south Cornwall.

This video shows flooding of the harbour at Weymouth, Dorset.

Along the west coast, the Isle of Man also appears to have suffered badly, although we have found limited information detailing the impacts. A video below reveals the flooding at Ramsay. Reports suggest that the water level had in places exceeded those of the 1st February 2002, the last major coastal flood to have impacted the Isle of Man when an estimated £8m in damages had occurred (see our event description here).

Currently, we are working to produce a more detailed description of flood impacts during this event.