Widespread flood alerts & warnings ahead of high spring tides

The Environment Agency has issued a series of flood alerts and warnings ahead of expected high spring tides today.

Localised flooding is expected in several counties including the northern coasts of Devon and Cornwall in the South West, and parts of Suffolk, Essex and Kent in the South East. The warnings have been issued for conditions during late Monday night to early this morning, and remain in place through today.

Strong north-westerly winds are expected to raise water levels above predictions, threatening low-lying tidal areas two to four hours either side of high tide. Large waves and overtopping have been forecast for some coastal locations.

Officials warn of potential flooding in coastal roads, car parks and quays, with a threat to property in some areas.

Flood alerts and warnings are designed to urge people in affected areas to be prepared. For further information and updates of Environment Agency warnings click here.

Real time information on water levels from the UK’s Class A tide gauge network can be obtained here.