Historic Events before 1915

The UK has a long history of severe coastal flooding. Historic accounts suggest that large numbers (magnitudes up to 105) of people were drowned on the east coast during events in 1099, 1421 and 1446, although there is high uncertainty. In the last 500 years, major coastal flood events impacted the west coast in 1607, the west and south costs in 1703 and the south coast in 1824, collectively resulted in the deaths of up to 2,000 people . The 1607 flood remains the event that has caused the greatest loss of life from any sudden-onset natural catastrophe in the UK during the last 500 years.

Our database currently only goes back as far as 1915. However over the coming years we hope to extend the database back before this and include the events mention above and many others. If you would like to research any of these big events post 1915 for us – please get in contact. We welcome any help we can get.